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Online Dyslexia Course available

We have now opened up the Dyslexia and Literacy International online course “Basics for teachers – Dyslexia: How to identify it and What to do“. The course content is still under review but feel free to check it out.

Dyslexia International was kind enough to hand over all their material of their free online course to us. You can read more about the agreement in our previous post.

We have now spent time converting it to a WordPress format, replacing Flash technology with mp4 videos and more. There is still some work to be done, reviewing the content and adding updated research, but it is available in full from our new course site. There is both an English and a French version of the course.

This learning course is relevant to all teachers precisely because all teachers can expect to come across pupils with dyslexia to a greater or lesser degree in their classroom.

This course sets out to train all teachers in awareness and appropriate responses to learners of different learning abilities in an inclusive classroom setting. Preferably it will be used at the trainee stage for teachers before they stand in front of a class.

Check out the course here

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