Researchers working with the EDA

Establishment of EDA’s Academic Committee Final draft approved at Athens EDA Board meeting 8.4.2017

The EDA has a scientific and educational purpose and is a non-profit-making association. To strengthen and develop the scientific base in the organisation the EDA board is about to establish an Academic Committee (EDA-AC).

The main purpose of the EDA-AC is to provide advice to the EDA board in different scientific matters.

It could be:

  • Advising the EDA board in different decisions when qualified scientific knowledge is important.
  • Assisting the EDA Editor to publish relevant scientific based reports/research/intervention strategies/links on the website. Resources regarding bridging the gap between research and practise is desirable. Perspectives from different countries is also interesting.
  • Advising the EDA board – in matters of organising seminars, conferences, projects and when publishing information brochures
  • Suggesting new advances for the EDA

The working language is English.

The composition of the EDA-AC will be established by EDA board and reflect a range of key academic areas within the field. These individuals are invited to join the committee in an honorary (unpaid) capacity by the EDA board usually for a three-year term.

The EDA is not covering any costs incurred from the EDA budget.

The Vice Chair of the EDA-AC is reserved for a Director of the EDA board.

The main points of contact with the EDA are the EDA delegate to the EDA-AC and the EDA Editor.

A report from the EDA-AC will be presented to the EDA board at subsequent EDA board meeting by the EDA delegate.