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Dyslexia Day October 8th

The Dyslexia awareness week is coming up starting October 2nd and with the Dyslexia Day happening on October 8th. We would love to hear from

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General news

Dyslexia and Sport Surveys

EDA is a partner in a new Erasmus SASLED project (sports activities for people with specific learning difficulties). The project aims to research and improve

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EDA board announcements

Sad Announcement

EDA is sad to report the death of our former President Michael Kalmar who passed away this August. Michael was hugely dedicated to the field

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The EDA is involved in several projects on a European level. Visit these websites to learn more

Neurodiversity at work

NEW is a 30-month initiative involving 6 European partners working to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises in creating more inclusive working environments that enhance the talents of neurodivergent people.

Dyslexia at work web page

Dyslexia at work

Dyslexia@Work is an Erasmus+ KA2 project (no. 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007433) which aims to increase access to employment for people with dyslexia. In particular, the aim is to implement a series of actions to improve the skills and professional development of the professional figures in charge (guidance consultants, specialists in the management and training of human resources in companies, operators of public employment services and individuals) on the subject of dyslexia and inclusion in the world of work.

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Online course

The online course “Dyslexia: How to identify it and What to do” is developed by Dyslexia and Literacy International and hosted by the European Dyslexia Association. This learning course is relevant to all teachers precisely because all teachers can expect to come across pupils with dyslexia to a greater or lesser degree in their classroom. This course creates awareness and presents appropriate responses to learners of different learning abilities in an inclusive classroom setting. Preferably, it is be used during Initial teacher Training.

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Metropolitan College is one of the leading providers of Higher Education in Greece, and it offers a broad range of academic and professional disciplines.