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The EDA are happy to announce next years Autumn Seminars in Barcelona

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Photo of David Sassoli at the EU

President of the European Parliament to EDA:
“I look forward to cooperating with you”

28 September 2019

At the opening of the European Dyslexia Association (EDA) seminar in Vaxjö (Sweden), the president of the EDA, Michael Kalmar received a message from the newly elected President of the European Parliament. Mr David Sassoli expressed his “strong commitment to build a more inclusive and accessible Europe, which is one of the main priorities of our legislature.”

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EDA asks for an inclusive Europe

7 May 2019

The European Dyslexia Association reminds all candidates to the European Parliament that millions of citizens are still excluded from school and employment in Europe as dyslexia and specific learning disorders are often poorly taken into account.

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