GA 2020

Screenshot of online meeting

General Assembly 2020

For the first time, the General Assembly was held entirely online.

The assembly started with watching recorded video messages from the President of the European Parliament and the Italian MEP, directed to the members of the European Dyslexia Association.

Read more about the message in our news post.


  1. Opening by the Chairperson, Rosie Bissett
  2. Roll Call by the Secretary, Mercedes Mayoral
  3. Appointment of a Teller – Decision
  4. Establishment of a Quorum – Ratification
  5. Adoption of the Agenda – Decision
  6. Adoption of the Minutes of the previous General Assembly held in Växjö on 28th of September 2019 – Decision
  7. The Board’s Annual Report – Taking to notice

    This is in the format of a Chairperson’s Report including a brief report on all sub-committees: Finance and Governance, Events and Communications, Policy and Lobbying, and the Academic Advisory Committee.

  8. Membership matters for ratification including new member(s), change of status of members and/or termination of membership – Ratification
  9. Financial Report 2019, Treasurer Ruth Falzon – Approval
  10. Report of the external auditor 2019, Eleni Livianou – Taking to notice
  11. Approval of the Balances and Accounts 2019– Decision


  1. Elections to the Board of Directors – Supervised by the Teller
    Nominations received to date:
    Rosie Bissett has been nominated for another 4 year term as an EDA Director by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.
  2. Election of the External Auditors for the next General Assembly 2021 – Decision
  3. Any Other Business – Taking to notice
  4. Questions from Members- Taking to notice
  5. Closure of the General Assembly by the Chairperson/President

Following the General Assembly, we will also be holding a Members’ Discussion Forum, which will commence with some short presentations from a few of our EDA members, followed by a discussion. In particular we hope to hear about the impact of COVID and remote learning and working for people with dyslexia. We would especially like to hear about any positive developments or new services our members havce developed during this challenging time.