GA 2017

General Assembly 2017

18th Ordinary General Assembly on Friday 6th of October 2017 from 17.00 to 19.00 at the University of Munich in Munich/Germany


  1. Opening by the Chairman, SR Michael Kalmár
  2. Appointment of a Teller and of a Recording Secretary
  3. Roll Call/Establishment of a Quorum – Ratification The General Assembly ratified following delegates:


    ÖBVLEFFAustriaMichael KALMÁR
    DANISH DYSEFFDenmarkKirsten Weile
    BVLEFFGermanyChristine Sczygiel
    DAIEFFIrelandRosie Bisset
    MDAEFFMaltaCarmen Azzopardi
    FFDYSEFFFranceValerie de Simone
    VDSEFFSwitzerlandMartine Hellmüller
    ACDEFFCatalania/SpainMercedes Mayoral
    SMDAEFFSan MarinoRiccardo Venturini
    DYSPELEFFLuxembourgRaymond Claes Proxy to DANISH DYS
    AIDEFFItalySergio Messina YES via Proxy to ÖBVL -Austria
    UKEFFEnglandKate Saunders Proxy to DAI Ireland
    Hellenic DAEFFGreeceGiannis Karagiannakis


    N. GREECEEFFN. GreeceMillioni Lia
    DANISH DYSEFFDenmarkLars Sander
    BVLEFFGermanyTanja Scherle
    VDSEFFSwitzerlandElisabeth Weber
    MDAEFFMaltaVicki Micallef Eynaud
    TK Dyslexia AssADHTurkeyAtif Tokar
    EUSDERADHTurkeyHasan Guventurk

    And the following Boardmembers of the EDA:
    Dr Ruth Falzon, Mr Vincent Lochmann, Ms Pernilla Söderberg, Mr Michael Kalmár, Dr Giannis Karagiannakis, Ms Rosie Bisset, Ms. Christine Sczygiel, Mr Lars Sander.

  4. Adoption of the Agenda – Decision Approved
  5. Adoption of the Minutes of the previous General Assembly held in Modena on 24th of September 2016 – Decision Approved
  6. The Chairman’s (Annual) Report, SR Michael Kalmár – Taking to notice, Discussion
  7. Approval of new members of the EDA – Ratification
  8. Changes of status of membership of members – Ratification
  9. Termination of membership – Ratification
  10. Financial Report 2016, Treasurer Rudy Vandervoorde – Approval
  11. Report of the external auditor 2016, Eleni Livianou – Taking to notice
  12. Approval of the Balances and Accounts 2016– Decision
  13. Approval of the Draft Budget for 2017 – Decision Approved
  14. Annual Subscriptions for coming years – Discussion
  15. Elections to the Board of Directors – Supervised by the Teller
  16. Election of the External Auditors for the next General Assembly 2018 – Decision
  17. Reports from the attendant Members’ delegates (brief overview on dyslexia related policies in their countries)
  18. The Strategic Plan of the EDA – Presentation
  19. Any Other Business
  20. Questions from Members
  21. Address by the President Stressing that the active involvement of the member associations is a crucial prerequisite for the future work and success of the association.
  22. Closure of the General Assembly by the President