Awareness week in Europe

Different initiatives to promote the awareness week in Europe



Dyslexia Scotland has their Dyslexia Awareness Week in November (5-10 November). Their theme of the Week is ‘My wider world’. More information at


Italian Dyslexia Association arranged 300 events during Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Map over italy with pins at every event

We want to congratulate the Associazione Italiana Dislessia (Italian Dyslexia Association) for a succesful Dyslexia Awareness Week. With its 80000 members they managed to pull together over 300 events all over Italy. Impressing numbers!

They have published a report that can be found here:



We have a busy Dyslexia Awareness Week planned here in Ireland. Lots of awareness raising using the media (interviews on radio and TV), as well as a series of information seminars and events over the course of the week. We are also active on social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter, and will share the EDA’s awareness week logo and hashtags in our messages this week. We have also started a social media campaign using the hashtag #iwishyouknew where people share what they wish others knew about dyslexia – here’s an example from one of our ambassadors:
Further details on our awareness week activities are on our website: 
Twitter: @DyslexiaIreland

Wishing you all a successful and eventful #EDAdyslexiaweek


British Dyslexia Association

The British Dyslexia Association held their dyslexia awareness week under the theme of “Dyslexia matters”. They chose to look at the way it matters not just to those with dyslexia but everybody.