The EDA board continuously represents the organisation in various official events throughout Europe.

This is how we have represented since 2014 (latest on top).

Event Represented by Date
EDF General Assembly EDF Chairman Michael Kalmár, Administrator Bengt-Erik Johansson May 21-22, 2015
BDA Dyslexia Conference Oxford, UK Chairman Michael Kalmár and the EDA Board March 9-12, 2015
EDF: Disability Day Brussels, Belgium Administrator Bengt-Erik Johansson Dec 3, 2015
EFNA-Workshop Brussels, Belgium Administrator: Giannis Karagiannakis, Administrator: Raymond Claes Oct 12-14, 2015
Opening Speech at the International Part of the Hellenic Dyslexia Association Athens, Greece Chairman Michael Kalmár and the EDA Board Oct 3, 2015
Milano-Varese World EXPO, Milano, Italy Vice-President: Pernilla Söderberg Sept 28, 2015
 Nordic Conference in Denmark  Administrator Bengt-Erik Johansson, Administrator Lars Sander  Sept 25-27, 2015
 Conference of the Polish Psychological Association, 25th Year Jubilee Polish Dyslexia Association, Gdansk Poland  Chairman Michael Kalmár  Sept 18-20, 2015 
 International Literacy Day UNESCO Paris, France  Volunteering Assistant: Dr Anne-Marie Montarnal  Sept 8, 2015
 EU-Parliament about Marrakesh-Treaty, Brussel, Belgium  Administrator Bengt-Erik Johansson  June 24, 2015
 General Assembly of EDF Warszaw, Poland  Administrator Bengt-Erik Johansson  May 29-30, 2015
Final Conference Literacy-project. Vienna, Austria Chairman Michael Kalmár Feb 9, 2015
18th Conference of the BVL Würzburg, Germany Chairman Michael Kalmár, Secretary Christina Sczigiel May 9, 2014
9th British Dyslexia International Conference. Guildford, UK Chairman Michael Kalmár and the EDA Board March 27, 2014