Vrailexia Project

At EDA we are always keen to share information on new projects and research on dyslexia. Two of our member organisations are involved in the new VRAILEXIA project.  

VRAILEXIA – Partnering Outside the Box: Digital and Artificial Intelligence Integrated Tools to Support Higher Education Students with Dyslexia is an Erasmus+ KA2 project (2020-1-IT02-KA203-080006). The project aims to explore the compensatory strategies that dyslexic students have developed, assess the emotional impact of being dyslexic in an academic environment and create virtual reality (VR) tools to help adaptive learning, increase motivation and improve self-esteem. These tools will consist of a dyslexia testing application and a platform based on artificial intelligence adaptive learning. 

The project will also focus on teacher training with the creation of a multi-disciplinary network of experts to share their knowledge of Universal Design and student centred learning and the creation of a repository of teaching and learning tools to support both university teachers and students. 

VRAILEXIA will create a network of Higher Education Institutions promoting a Memorandum of Understanding for developing inclusion strategies for dyslexic students to enhance their opportunity of success both during their academic career and subsequent integration into the labour market. 

To learn more about this new project visit their website: https://vrailexia.eu/the-project/

We look forward to following the work and outputs of this project over the coming years.

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