Libraries Decide To Help Persons With Dyslexia And Related Difficulties

During the IFLA Congress in Lyon, the Dyslexia Session “DYSLEXIA? Welcome to our Library” took place on 19 August 2014 
In that session Dr Anne-Marie Montarnal, EDA Administrator contributed with ”What is new about dyslexia and EDA” .

In 2001 the IFLA for the first time published the “Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia”. Since then the attitude towards persons with dyslexia has changed, supporting them with solutions and alternative ways of reading and writing. The new revision of the “Dyslexia Guidelines” had been facilitated by IFLA and became a joint venture of the two neighboring sections “Library Services to People with Special Needs” (LSN” and “Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities” (LPD).

These revised and enlarged guidelines for Library Services to persons with dyslexia can be downloaded from :

Some short examples of help and materiel given in the Libraries :

  • Easy to read books (with adapted page sitting lay-out).
  • Exposition of the front of the books (easier to read)
  • Listening to Audio Books or reading books and listening at the same time to the audio books,
  • ICT program allows to listen to the reading of texts or books.

In the Library:

  • Important to have a well organized space and presentation with an “easy-to-read area” Materials and I-tools should be situated in a central location close to the information desk.
  • Important to offer a personal contact with a librarian aware of the special difficulties of persons with dyslexia or related difficulties may experience.

Without guidance, the task for a dyslexic or SLD student in Library can be challenging . But if he or she feels understood, it will immediately be easier for him/her. (Gavin Reid)

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