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Here are some books we recommend. The links lead to different book shops, but please look them up at your favorite book shop (benefit the locals!).

Rights of the Dyslexic Child in Europe

Bogdanowicz M and Sayles A (2004). Wydawnictwo Harmonia (E and P) 

To purchase a copy, please contact the publishers Wydawnictwo Harmonia, UI. Hutnicza 3, 81-212 Gdynia, Poland. Fax +48 058 679 0006 
The Trouble with Maths

Chinn S (2004). Routledge Falmer (E) 

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Dyslexia in Secondary School

Cogan J and Flecker M (2004). Whurr Publishers. 1-86156-272-1 (E)

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 Dyslexia Support Network (2002). A catalogue of resources to support students with dyslexia in further and higher education.

University of Hull. University of Lincoln 2002 (2nd Edition)

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The Human Side of Dyslexia

Kurnoff S. e-book  (342 pages) 0-9703-557-1-8 (E)

 The Adult Dyslexic: Interventions and Outcomes

McLoughlin D, Leather C and Stringer P (2002). Whurr Publishers. 1-86156-04-5-1 (E)

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 Dyslexia and Mathematics

Miles TR and E. Routledge Falmer (E)

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 Le Teroir Coincé: A comment expliques la Dyslexie aux enfants

Montarnal A-M (2003). APEDA France (F)

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The Music Makers Approach

Mortimer H (2000). NASEN. 1-901485-22-6 (E)

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 Glue Ear: An Essential Guide for Teachers, Parents and Professionals

Peer L (2005). David Fulton Publishers 1-84312-352-5 (E)

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Dyslexia in Context

Reid G and Fawcett G (2004). Whurr Publishers. 1-86156-42-6-0 (E)

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The International Book of Dyslexia (Part 1 – Languages)

Smythe I, Everatt J and Salter R.  John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 1-471-49841-6 (E)

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The International Book of Dyslexia (Part 2 – Countries)

Smythe I, Everatt J and Salter R  John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 1-471-49646-4