Criteria for nomination to the board and job description

Criteria: Board Members

1. MUST have a good working knowledge of English as all meetings are conducted in this language.

2. Should be either dyslexic or the parent of a dyslexic person under 18 years of age (at least 50% of the Board must meet this qualification) or have a professional interest in dyslexia.

3. Must be prepared to make a voluntary commitment to the Association.

What is expected of Board Members?

When elected, it is the primary job of Board Members to act on the behalf of the European Dyslexia Association and in its best interests, NOT on behalf of their individual countries and organizations. Although nominated by a member organization, a board member does NOT represent that organization or any other organization.

Board Members responsibilities include:

  • collectively reaching decisions on matters brought before them
  • reporting collectively to the EDA’s Members via the General Assembly
  • the proper and honest conduct of the EDA’s business in accordance with the Statutes and Bye-Laws
  • agreeing a program of activity
  • seeking funding for administration and projects
  • preparing budgets and expenditure • appointing a Secretary
  • appointing sub-committees and sub-committee chairpersons
  • collectively dealing with matters of dispute within the Board or between EDA member associations
  • bringing before the EDA’s association members those matters which it is believed only members can resolve
  • convening a General Assembly or board meeting in the absence of either the Chairperson or a Vice-Chairperson

It is also expected that a Board Member shall attend all board meetings (normally 2 or 3 each year) and sub-committee Meetings to which she/he has been appointed. Board Members will also be expected to undertake sub-committee work outside of meetings.

What is expected of an EDA effective member association nominating a board member?

A member association of the EDA nominating a Board Member is expected to support their nominee, if elected to the Board, and to pay the reasonable travel and accommodation costs for attending board or sub-committee meetings.

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