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23 February 2019

Free online course on Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching

Lancaster University announces a free online learning course on 'Dyslexia and language teaching’ which runs from 14th of April – 12th of May 2019. This course is offered by Lancaster University in cooperation with FutureLearn and takes place over four weeks entirely online. It is aimed at English language teachers, teachers of modern foreign languages, teacher trainers, educators and trainee teachers who are interested in how they can accommodate and cater for the needs of students with dyslexia in foreign/second language classrooms.

14 January 2019

Dyslexia and Disability - a common commitment in Europe

The members of the board of the European Dyslexia Association met the European Disability Forum (EDF) secretariat team in Brussels. Both organisations highlighted the convergence of their actions for an inclusive Europe for all and accessible to people with specific learning difficulties (SpLD).
On the occasion of the meeting of its Board of Directors in Brussels on Friday 12 January, representatives of EDA and its President Michael Kalmar exchanged with some of the staff of the European Disability Forum and its Director Catherine Naughton.

30 October 2018

Dyslexia and Employment, what does European law say?

Eda member of the board of Directors, Vincent Lochmann attended the Academy of European Law seminar in Trier in September 2018 about "Disability in Employment and beyond". How can European law be interpreted about Employment and Dyslexia?

Some adults with dyslexia may face difficulties in the labour market. Some may need reasonable accommodation in the workplace to be able to participate to their full potential and undertake the essential elements of the job.  However, the denial of these accommodations often creates difficulties at work and even worse may lead to unemployment.

24 march 2016

Report from BDA Conference

The European Dyslexia Association board was gracefully invited to attend the British Dyslexia Associations international Conference in Oxford between March 10–12, 2016. Our Chairman, Michael Kalmár took part in the opening ceremony with a speech addressing the collaboration between our two organisations. He also spoke about the fact that only 14 countries so far has ratified the Marrakesh Treaty, which enables blind, visually impaired and dyslexic persons and their organisations to produce, to use and to transfer accessible formats like daisy-readers, e-books and large print without any copyright restrictions.You can read Michaels speech as a whole on the news page.

02 December 2014

Proposals to the French education system

The Editorial of the Bulletin 82 – December 2014 - published by the french association APEDA France, Associations de Parents d'Enfants et d'Adultes en Difficulté d'Apprentissage du langage écrit et oral (dyslexie, dysorthographie, dyscalculie) Association Loi 1901, (French Association of Parents of Children with learning disabilities in written and oral language) presents the proposals made by the researcher Franck Ramus. In the french version of his article “Dyslexia the debate “ , which is the text of his conference speech made at the international congress of the French National Speech Therapists – FNO – 2014, the Researcher Franck Ramus gives very clear and practical advices to the French Education System :

02 December 2014

Systematic review of tests and interventions on Dyslexia

There are tons of different methods to diagnose and test for dyslexia out there. The clinical practice varies widely, and identifying the screening methods, diagnostic processes and support measures for which scientific evidence has been established is a challenging task. Therefore the Swedish government has commissioned the Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care (SBU) to systematically review and evaluate the scientific evidence for diagnostic or screening tests and interventions for children and adolescents with dyslexia.

01 September 2014

Libraries decide to help persons with dyslexia and related difficulties

During the IFLA Congress in Lyon, the Dyslexia Session “DYSLEXIA? Welcome to our Library” took place on 19 August 2014 
In that session Dr Anne-Marie Montarnal, EDA Administrator contributed with ”What is new about dyslexia and EDA” .

In 2001 the IFLA for the first time published the “Guidelines for Library Services to Persons with Dyslexia”. Since then the attitude towards persons with dyslexia has changed, supporting them with solutions and alternative ways of reading and writing. The new revision of the “Dyslexia Guidelines” had been facilitated by IFLA and became a joint venture of the two neighboring sections “Library Services to People with Special Needs” (LSN” and “Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities” (LPD).

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29 August 2014

Files from European Parliament Conference 2013

We have now uploaded files originating from the 2013 European Parliament Conference in Brüssels in October, for you to download.

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