Past and present board members of the EDA

The purpose in producing this list of Past (and Present) Board Members is to remind everyone just how representative across Europe the European Dyslexia Association has been since 1987, and to provide a record for the future.

(This list is not complete yet, and are to be updated with titles and years)

Marcel Seynave Belgium 1st President 1987 - 1993,1987 - 1997
Turid Gammelsrød Norway Joint 1st Vice-President 1987 - 1991
Alan Sayles Ireland Joint 2nd Vice-President
4th President
1987 - 1997, 1999 - 2006, 2000 - 2006
Lisa Dummer-Smoch Germany 4th President  
Aaldert van der Horst The Netherlands    
Anne-Marie Montarnal France    
Robin Salter United Kingdom    
Gyda Skat Nielsen Denmark    
Marta Bogdanowicz Poland    
Andras Mate Hungary    
Katrin Sellin Germany    
Peter Havas Hungary    
Nada Lovric Croatia    
Berit Bogetvedt  Norway    
Koos Henneman The Netherlands    
Eleni Grammaticos Belgium    
HerbertGunther  Germany    
André Poncelet Belgium    
Michael Kalmar SR Austria    
Suzanne Bertschinger Switzerland    
Karin Brünger Germany    
Gavin Reid      
Teresia Hegedüs Hungary    
Steve Alexander United Kingdom    
Carina Carlsson Sweden    
Marija Kavkler Slovenia    
Maria Potamitis Cyprus    
Raymond Claes Luxembourg    
Lars Sander Denmark    
Kate Saunders United Kingdom    
Giannis Karagiannakis  Greece    
Rudy Vandevoorde Belgium    
Kate Saunders United Kingdom    
Christina Sczigiel Germany    
Giacomo Stella Italy    
Pernilla Söderberg Sweden    
Bengt-Erik Johansson Sweden    

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