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GDPR information

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) act in the European Union gives you more control over information that is collected and saved in our databases.

When you sign up for an event or a newsletter you also agree to us storing the information you submit for the purpose of the event or newsletter.

We store the following information about you when you register to our events or newsletters:

Registration for events

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Organisation
  • Your invoice address (when applicable)
  • Your country
  • Your payment status
  • Your choices of event options
  • Your comments (when applicable)
  • Any diet or food requests that you provide

The reason we store this is to provide you with information and confirmation on registration, together with creating name badges to identify you during our events. The information is kept for 6 months after the event has passed. After that you are no longer able to request any confirmations from us about registration or payment for an event. 

EDA newsletter

When you sign up with our newsletter you also provide us with information that we need to send you our letters.

The information we collect and save (through the service is:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your preferred subjects

Your right to the information

You can, at any time, ask us to provide you with a complete record of all the information we store about you. You can also, at any time, request to have all your data deleted from our systems. Please bare in mind that this might prevent us to allow you access to our events and/or newsletters since we will no longer have any records of you. If you request to have your data deleted before an event that you have paid for, we can no longer refund you or grant you access to the event for the same reason.

GDPR contact for the web services: