General Assembly

Join us to discuss member issues and cast your vote

The general assembly in 2018

Information about the General Assembly together with an archive of earlier assemblies.

The general assembly takes place during the Autumn Seminars each year. Please see that page for dates and details.

The general assembly is the chance for our member organisations to sit together and discuss issues that concerns them, with the EDA board. Effective members also have the right to vote on the agenda items. Please note that this is not a public event, but only for representatives of the EDA member organisations.

Please note:

  • If an Effective Members has not paid its membership fees for the present year and/or earlier, this member has no vote at the General Assembly of that year.
  • According to the Statutes of the EDA the General Assembly will be deemed to be validly constituted if the minimum of 3 Effective Members are present (Article 8).
  • The Effective Members can be represented by proxy to another Effective Member attending the GA (Article 8).
  • An attendance form, signed by the president/CEO of the represented member organisation, is needed to represent validly a member organisation, unless the president or the Central Executive Officer (Director) it/herself is attending. Every delegate of a member organisation has to produce this appointment letter in written before the opening of the General Assembly. A copy of this nomination has to be sent by eMail to the chairman ( two weeks before the General Assembly.
  • Each Effective association member shall be entitled to speak and vote. Each Adherent association member shall be entitled to speak (Article 9).
  • Half of the votes plus one of the votes cast by the Effective associations present or represented by proxy shall suffice for the passing of resolutions (Article 9).
  • The Assembly shall give a valid decision only on items included in the agenda (Article 9).
  • The legally need formal requirements (proxy form, attendance form, nomination form for election to the Board) for a valid deliberation of the coming General Assembly are attached.


General Assembly 2017

The general assembly met at the Autumn Seminars in Munich in 2017.

General Assembly 2018

Once again the general assembly met in Munich during the Autumn Seminars

No information yet

General Assembly 2015

Athens, Greece

General Assembly 2016

No information yet

General Assembly November 2013

Würzburg, Germany


General Assembly 2014

See the agenda

General Assembly 2012

No information yet

General Assembly 2011

General Assembly September 2011, Würzburg, Germany