The EDA invites you to our public events around Europe

EDA All-European Dyslexia Conference

Every 3 years the EDA hosts an all European Dyslexia Conference somewhere in Europe. There was supposed to be one in 2019 but it has been pushed back to a later year. If your university is interested in co-host the next conference with us, please get in touch.

Our past conferences have been attracting around 300 to 500 delegates and has been a great place to meet and learn. We have kept the information from previous conferences in the archives and you are welcome to browse through them and download public material.

Earlier conferences

Banner for the 5th conference

5th EDA Conference, Modena, Italy, 2016

Banner for the 4th EDA conference

4th EDA Conference, Växjö, Sweden, 2013

the old EDA logo

European Parliament conference 2013

Presentations from the 2013 European Parliament Conference in Brüssels in October.