Autumn Seminars 2019

Practical information

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We've put together some info that might be handy when visiting Växjö and the Linnaeus University.

Swedish people are generally really good at speaking English so you will find it easy to get the help you want in shops, restaurant or on the town.

Shopping in Växjö

There are two main shopping areas in Växjö, downtown and in the big shopping mall area called "Grand Samarkand". Take bus 3 to go to Grand samarkand.   Read more about shopping at the official visitor site.


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Registration takes place in the building N at the University, just outside the main hall for the Autumn Seminars, IKEA-salen (IKEA Hall).

Follow the Autumn Seminar signs from the bus stop "Linnéuniversitetet" and from outside the main entrance at "Universitetsplatsen" on the map (H1), if you come from a different direction.
Please see the University map for more details.

Bring your ticket with you as we will use that to scan the QR-code that is printed on it. You can show it digitally on your phone or laptop or print it out in advance.

  Download our university map for more details.

Map of Växjö with buslines drawn

Get to the university

From downtown Växjö you can choose to go by bus, taxi or walk (it's a really nice walk along the central lake).


For your convinience we have put together a map showing the usual hotels, bus routes and walking paths to the venue.   Download as PDF or   view as picture

We also have   a detailed map of the University with information about bus stops, buildings and more.


There are three bus lines that takes you to the university, Nr 1, 3 and 5. Nr 3 drops you off 150 meters from the venue, the other two stops about 600 meters from the venue. Please note that the buses don't accept cash (well, they do but charges you double) but you can pay using credit cards or buy tickets in advance at the Central Station (Resecentrum) or online.   More information at Länstrafiken Kronoberg


The taxi station is located by the central station. The price from the station to the university is around SEK160 (daytime).   More information and phone numbers can be found at the official visitor site.

Ask to be dropped off at Taxi stop A at the university.

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Services by the university

If you need something printed (including posters) you can find the copy center in the bottom floor of the main building H (not open on Saturday/Sunday). They have excellent printing capabilities and can cater to all your needs. They accept credit cards.

Information desk for the university is located in the main building H.

At the university you can find several places to eat (lunch is included on Saturday) or have a classic swedish "fika".

There is also a couple of small stores there and a hair salon. Close to the university (about 600m) there are also a couple of big supermarkets (ICA, Willy's), a petrol station, dentist, pharmacy and doctors reception.

Please see the university map for all the information you need.

  Download the university map for more details.

Accessibility symbol


All the areas in the university are easy to move around in with different aids/wheel chairs. There is always a passage way for wheels chairs or a lift. Many toilets are adjusted for wheel chairs and have high contrast areas to easily find service items in the bathrooms. Braille signs are also available.

There is a hearing loop in the main conference room if your hearing is impaired. Contact the information desk for more info or   call in advance to the university and ask for assistance if you have any special needs.