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European Dyslexia Association

The European Dyslexia Association is a European umbrella organisation for national and regional associations of people with dyslexia, children’s parents, professionals and academic researchers.

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The Membership of the European Dyslexia Association

Application for membership of the European Dyslexia Association is open to all associations of parents of children with dyslexia and/or adults with dyslexia (specific learning disabilities in the domain of reading, spelling, writing and/or mathematics). Application for membership is also open to other entities and corporate bodies which have educational or scientific motivation and are recognised in the domain of dyslexia / specific learning disabilities. All applicants must prove that they are legally constituted according to their own national laws and customs.

There are two types of members in the European Dyslexia Association:

  1. Effective members include the nine founder member associations plus other associated organisations. Effective members are entitled to speak and vote at General Assemblies.
  2. Adherent members include corporate bodies and other entities. Adherent members are not entitled to speak and vote at General Assemblies but may be present in an advisory capacity.

Membership of the European Dyslexia Association does not convey any status on a member which could be construed as approval by the EDA of any and all activities, publications or statements undertaken by that member association. Any action by a member association which misrepresents the European Dyslexia Association by implying such approval will be considered a serious offence by the Board of Directors and will result in the termination of that association’s membership.

Please download and fill out the attached PDF-file to apply for membership.

Download this file (EDA Application form.pdf)Application form for the EDA 154 kB

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