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European Dyslexia Association

The European Dyslexia Association is a European umbrella organisation for national and regional associations of people with dyslexia, children’s parents, professionals and academic researchers.

The booklet 'Guidance Criteria for Training Teachers of Dyslexic Students' was published by the European Dyslexia Association in 1997 following a campaign to encourage establishments which train teachers to include some explanation of dyslexia in their curriculum. This led to requests from some members of the EDA to set guidelines for criteria for the training of teachers who will teach children and adults with dyslexia. The information contained in this booklet is only guidance.

It was never the intention of the European Dyslexia Association that this information should be used otherwise. It cannot and should not be used to assess and/or judge the quality of a teacher training course or the abilities of an individual teacher or therapist.

Any use of the Guidance Criteria for Training Teachers of Dyslexic Students which does not agree with the statement above will be considered as acceptable reason for the termination of membership of the European Dyslexia Association in accordance with Section Two, Article Five of The Statutes of the Association.

Download this file (2014-02-11 EDA_Broschüre_Druckfassung Ohne.pdf)European Guidance Criteria BroschureEuropean Guidance Criteria for the Education of Teachers and Professionals Working with Persons with Dyslexia253 kB

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