Watch a video:

Change password and username

Click on the gear "More" and then your username:

On your profile page, locate the little "person" icon in the right corner, click on it and choose "Edit Profile":

Click on the menu item to the left that you want to change. For instance "Edit Profile" to change username, e-mail and more.

  1. Change your username here
  2. Change your e-mail address that the system sends messages to.
  3. Here you can set if you want others to see your e-mail or not.
  4. Don't forget to SAVE your changes.

If you want to change your password, click on the link "Change My Password":

  1. Type your current password here
  2. Type the new password in the next box
  3. Re-type the same new password again to make sure you spell it right.
  4. Save it by clicking "Change Password"